Match Report
Marlborough College U14 A vs  Heathfield School
On: Saturday, 11 Dec 2021
Venue: Away

A very competitive fixture against Heathfield with a strong start from the opposition. Marlborough started well and had many shots on goal but couldn’t convert these to points. Emily made a wonderful debut in goal with some fantastic saves with her feet. A great interception from Matilda helped the team get the ball in to the attacking end taking the end of the first quarter to 4-0 to Heathfield. In the second quarter, Marlborough started to develop their play to a higher standard with goals from Lottie, Milly and Amaira (her first in a match!). A fabulous double team was seen by Lottie and Mirabel with addition to strong defence in the fan allowing Heathfield to only score 2 goals in the second quarter.

The third quarter involved determination from all Marlborough players including good fight for the ball from Phoebe, an awesome interception from Emily as goalie and good defensive pressure from Queenna, Lily and Eylul. Goals from Mirabel, Milly and Lottie brought the score to 7-6 to Heathfield going in to the final quarter.

The final quarter was a demonstration of the drive and perseverance seen by all players in this first term of Lacrosse for Marlborough. A goal from Lottie from the centre third of the pitch, a behind the back shot from Milly and a goal from Mirabel assisted by Lottie showed the great movement in attack.

Sofya’s defence on a very strong opposition was critical to the game, slowing this threatening player down, as well as the rest of defence putting in to practice effective slides to prevent further goals lead by strong calls from Bo. Heathfield managed to score two goals and the game finished on a crucial free position one step shot for Heathfield-fortunately for us, it just missed the goal!

Special mention to Emily for volunteering to step in to goal with no practice before today and doing a brilliant job!

Miss Holt and Miss Gray are very proud of the progress of all girls over the last term and hope to see many again in a Lacrosse shirt, either next term or in the Remove.