Match Report
Marlborough College 4th Junior Colts vs  Radley College
On: Saturday, 11 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

The boys started this game extremely well as we played 'touch' for the 1st quarter. We consumed most of the possession in this period but slightly reluctant to play off the left which meant a few missed opportunities. Still, we managed the best chance to score in that quarter but just snatched at the chance on the line.

The next quarter saw a progression through to some contact and Radley stepped up and had more of a presence in the game. They could not take advantage of this until the 3rd quarter where they squeezed a try over the line as we fatigued. Taking 2 to 3 tackles to get their boys to ground took its toll and we conceded a 2nd try with a solo effort from their heavyweight.

In consultation, we decided to focus on some tackling as a takeaway and aimed our contact a bit lower which was met with immediate success. We had a strong finish to the game with most of the closing quarter played in their half and when Marcus Kjerkegaard Upton went over it was well deserved. Unfortunately he was denied this try but his fab efforts were well received. Another standout player on the day was Zac White, not only on the ball but his communication and general leadership was outstanding.

This was the first contact game for a few so I particularly pleased how we navigated through to the end and with some specific work in the week plus this experience, I am sure we are ready for a competitive season.