Match Report
Marlborough College 1st X vs  Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools
On: Saturday, 02 Oct 2021
Venue: at Home

This was exciting, end to end lacrosse, with fine skills on display from both teams. Monmouth scored the first goal, with a great individual drive from one of their top Welsh players. Marlborough fought back hard winning possession and moving the ball safely and showing great patience in attack to equalise. It was then a matter of which team could slow the fast breaks, deny the strong drives from the top, whilst trying to finish the shots down the other end. We were caught out a couple of times on the counter attack but Maria Pia was on fantastic form, stopping the shots and chasing down any narrow misses. Marlborough's defence improved with every minute and the midfield started to drop quicker and mark back harder, while in attack we started to move the ball quicker and fluently down the pitch, scoring some great individual and team goals to win 13-10. A really exciting performance, with much more to come!