Match Report
Marlborough College 1st X vs  Senior Welsh Rally at Monmouth
On: Saturday, 11 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

v Cheltenham Ladies Won 3-2 K. Marvin, O. Richardson, O. Spearpoint
v Monmouth Lost 0-2
v Westonbirt Won 3-2 K. Marvin (3)
v Malvern St James Won 2-0 J. Money-Kryle (2)
v Shrewsbury Won 3-1 K. Marvin, J. Money-Kryle, O. Spearpoint
v St Mary's Calne Lost 2-4 J. Money-Kryle, O. Spearpoint

It was so good to be back competing and the Welsh Rally provided the ideal opportunity to get the season under way. With six matches in the round-robin tournament, we had time to get to know each other off and on the pitch and learn quickly from each game. Throughout the day we showed some great speed, skill and improving teamwork, with some fantastic champagne moments of fluid transition, clinical passing and accurate shooting. A couple of matches were extremely tight and competitive, but it was reassuring to see us hold our nerve, with two particularly impressive performances against Westonbirt and Shrewsbury. Monmouth and St Mary's Calne exposed some weaknesses on the fast break, but it was great to see us quickly resolve and adapt them, force the errors, win more possession and score two fantastic goals. With four wins and two losses, placing Marlborough as joint runners-up, the players can feel hugely proud of their play and considerable effort.