Match Report
Marlborough College U15 A vs  Sherborne Girls
On: Saturday, 05 Nov 2022
Venue: Away

Sherborne started very strong with key players driving hard to goal, giving them an advantage in the score-line from the get go. After taking a while to get into our rhythm in attack, the girls found themselves 10-4 down going into the final 10 minutes. They did not, however, give up there, as in the final quarter, the girls completely stepped it up. They created space for each other in attack and fought hard in defence to chase the ball down. The last quarter was a huge 5-0 win for Marlborough, and with the momentum that they had, an extra couple of minutes on the clock or a few more shot conversions could have swayed the final result.

Opposition MVPs: L.Harrison, B.Griffiths

MVP: E.Wells

Goals: L.Harrison (4), B.Griffiths (5)