Match Report
Marlborough College U15 A vs  Dorset and Wiltshire County Tournament
On: Saturday, 08 Oct 2022
Venue: Away

v Godolphin A Lost 2-9
v Godolphin B Drew 2-2
v Sherborne Drew 3-3
v St Mary's Calne Lost 2-5

Despite St Mary's Calne getting in 3 shots on an open goal after having to run straight onto the pitch as we arrived, the girls showed real maturity and remained calm, keeping the scoreline at 2-2 for the rest of the game. Against Godolphin Bs, they took on board what we have been working on in practice, creating space to set up goal opportunities and crashing onto the ball carrier in defence. Godolphin As provided a new challenge. It was 3-2 at half time, and despite falling behind in the second half after struggling with draw possession, the girls continuously encouraged each other to keep their heads up. A brilliant end to the day with a fantastic game against Sherborne. Movement through the midfield was great, and further focus on placing the shots around the goalkeeper will help us to claim those wins. Special shoutout to Lily and Rosie who bravely stepped into goal despite not having done so before!

MVPs: R. Brown, L. Harrison, J. Lyon Taylor

Goals: B. Griffiths (3), L. Harrison (4), J. Lyon Taylor (1), M. Spearpoint (1)