Match Report
Marlborough College U14 A vs  St Mary's Calne Girls-U15B
On: Saturday, 03 Dec 2022
Venue: at Home

Some fantastic Lacrosse played in this game, with the team just coming off of a match against Godstowe and a few players ill, everyone in the team had to persevere in this match and stay determined to give 100% when on pitch. The first half was very competitive, goal for goal and many turn-overs of the ball. Ava did well to drive towards the goal and there was a beautiful passage of play between Daisy, Esther and Ottilie confusing the St Mary's Calne defence. Freya did a fantastic job in defence, putting pressure on her player with the ball. Alexis made some amazing saves and produced some good goalie clears too. Rosie did a brilliant job with a perfect draw and then some good tracking of the ball to gain interceptions. Amelie produced some good midfield transitions also. At half time the score was 3 all and the team were in high spirits. Despite the St Mary's Calne team producing some quick fast breaks in the second half, the defence did well to prevent these with some good crashing on ball from Irene, Mira and Freya. There was good hustle for the ball from Chloe, Mira, Esther and Grace but unfortunately the Marlborough team couldn't produce another goal in the second half due to strong defence from St Mary's Calne.

St Mary's Calne MVPs:

Alexis and Esther

Coach's MVPs:

Rosie and Daisy