Match Report
Marlborough College 1st X vs  St Swithun's School
On: Thursday, 22 Sep 2022
Venue: Away

This was a momentous occasion as we asked to play head to head with St Swithun's 1sts in a full length match for the first time. But going 4-1 up at the end of the quarter was even more exciting! We showed much more patience and control in attack and took our chances well. We knew St Swithun's would come back hard, putting our defence under much more pressure and they ground out three goals to take us 5-4 at the half. The physicality really increased in the second half and we felt the intensity, rushing our game despite the lead. Three individual goals from a strong St Swithun's player put the game in the balance as they edged into the lead. End to end with both teams fighting hard, we had chances to equalise but we had to feel very pleased with the narrow loss despite our frustrations.