Match Report
Marlborough College U14 A vs  Heathfield School
On: Saturday, 12 Nov 2022
Venue: at Home

A brilliant match for the U14 team against Heathfield, getting all players on the pitch and despite the narrow score line, the team started to play a more advanced game, developing their play to let the ball do the work.

Alexis had a brilliant game in goal, saving countless saves and improving the length of her clears. Mariella drove hard with the ball and Ottilie, Ava and Daisy developed their play around the goal with some lovely movement of the ball to result in some good attempts on goal. Well done to Chloe Newington who scored her first goal in a match as well as the girls who played their first match for the college. Special mention to Nancy here who made some brilliant interceptions.

Sariya was a force to be reckoned with in the defence constantly intercepting the ball and getting it back up in to the attack. She was backed up well here by Chloe Z and Irene on their ground balls and some brilliant crashes from the rest of defence.

Now the team have started to play a higher level of play, improving stickwork is on the agenda!

Goals for : Mariella (3), Ottilie (2), Chloe N (1), Amelie (1)

Opposition Players of the match:

Sariya and Amelie