Match Report
Marlborough College U14 A vs  St Mary's Calne Girls-U13A
On: Saturday, 01 Oct 2022
Venue: Away

This was the second match of the day, so legs were slightly tired, which the scoreline reflected in the first half, with 5 goals to St Mary's Calne and 1 to Marlborough, courtesy of Daisy off a very powerful shot and Ottilie with a fabulous transition and assist.

However, following the half time talk, the team were refreshed and ready to fight for every ground ball and work on the crash in defence. Irene was impressive with her relentless pressure on the ball carrier and Ava and Mary did well to respond to crashing to the ball carrier in the fan, making Alexis' job as goalie a little bit easier with some powerful shots from St Mary's Calne. A fantastic double save from Alexia has to be mentioned here! In attack, the team used their space around goal better, with Siyona drawing her defender out of the fan. Sariya and Daisy showed show fantastic cuts in to space and good reading of the game. Eliza made her impact, changing from attack into midfield and inserting some new energy and pace in to the game, which almost resulted in another goal, had the St Mary's Calne goalkeeper not made a brilliant save. Goals in the second half went to Daisy, Amelie and Ottilie off a fantastic free position. Final score was 9-4 to St Mary's Calne.

Opposition players of the match: Alexis and Ottilie