Match Report
Marlborough College 2nd X vs  Invitational Tournament at CLC
On: Saturday, 04 Feb 2023
Venue: Away

Match 1 vs. Monmouth

Won 5-2

Scorers: Markham (2), Blossom (2), Cadogan

Match 2 vs. CLC2

Draw 3-3

Scorers: Blossom (2), Percy-Davis

Match 3 vs. CLC3

Won 4-1

Scorers: Blossom (2), Simkins, Betts, Percy-Davis

Match 4 vs. Stowe

Won 3-2

Scorers: Blossom (2), Percy-Davis

The absence of some key players meant that every member of the team needed to step up to fill the void. A strong start in the first half against Monmouth was quickly lost when the midfield relaxed. Half time gave a moment to reflect; after which the midfield played with strength & commitment. Coupled with a disciplined defence and a creative attack, the girls went from strength to strength throughout the tournament, emerging winners of the Second Team pool. Special mention to Katie B for sharp shooting and Mima P for her work rate in goal.