Match Report
Marlborough College U15 A vs  The SMC Cup at St Mary's Calne
On: Saturday, 14 Jan 2023
Venue: Away

MC vs Cheltenham Ladies College 15-2 win
MC vs St Mary's Calne 14-3 win
MC vs Sherborne 17-3 win

After some wet weather earlier this week caused a change in the format of the tournament, the girls got to experience the exciting 'Sixes' game, played at a faster pace and with higher scores. This fit the girls' style of play well as they moved the ball quickly and put high pressure on in defence, resulting in some fantastic interceptions. Throughout the day, they started to recognise when to make the early pass off before being double-teamed, providing further scoring opportunities. Alexis made great saves in goal and ensured that the ball was cleared out safely. Successful day all in all.

Coach MVPs: A.Hall, M.Henderson