Match Report
Marlborough College U15 B vs  Downe House
On: Saturday, 25 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

A very successful afternoon for the U15Bs, who played Downe House's U15Bs and U14Bs in half length games. Both games showcased a huge improvement in stick skills and decision making. Clover and Queenna were fantastic in defence at clearing the ball and enabling quick midfield transitions. Downe House put a lot of pressure on the ball-carrier, but the girls were unfazed and passed the ball quickly around goal - a highlight was Chloe's debut in attack, where she fed the ball in to Ava and Honor, resulting in goals. Daisy managed to score from crease rolls in both games, and Maya also scored from an excellent roll dodge against the U14Bs. A big thank you to Nancy, who offered to be in goal for both games, and to Queenna, Eylul and Zara who stepped in so that we would have enough players. This was our strongest (and cleanest) performance so far - barely any fouls were given away and it was a pleasure to see the girls playing so well and supporting each other as a team.